Frequently Asked Questions

Down below you will find fast answers to some frequently ask questions. Do you have a different question? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help out.


We are the only company on the market that tries to have at least one unit of each model in stock for fast delivery. During the high season, delivery can be in a maximum of 5 days.

What is the set-up time ?

1in1 Eurojumper: 60 min , 1 person
2in1 Eurojumper Standard: 100 min , 2 persons
2in1 Eurojumber Mobile: 80 min, 2 persons
4in1 Eurojumper Park: 150 min, 2 persons
4in1 Eurojumper Mobile: 45 min, 2 persons 
FunCity: 180 min. , 2 persons

Where are your units made?

We manufacture our equipment in Europe (Poland) using only EU parts.

Do I need any training to operate your equipment?

No. You will receive a detailed printed operator manual covering all aspects of set-up and operation. This is enough to safely and easily guide you through the steps. The two 4in1 Eurojumper models also include an additional DVD set-up guide.

What kind of maintenance is required and what about rust?

No special maintenance is required as long as the units are treated with regular care. Some consumable materials do have to be replaced in regular intervals due to the wear and tear caused by normal operation. This is involves mostly bungee cords, harnesses, and ropes. The replacement intervals depend on the number of jumpers, and we offer a fast and reliable spare parts supply to keep you up and running. For more information, please visit our online shop.

For how many years can we use the same unit?

Our first 4in1 Eurojumper Park was delivered 15 years ago. It is still in operation and making money today. Our first 4in1 Eurojumper Mobile was delivered 13 years ago to New Zealand. This year, our customer sold it to a new owner who is still operating it today.
As long as you look after your unit and replace spare parts as required, there hasn’t been an expiration date for our units yet.

How many operators are required to run the unit?

The 1in1 and 2in1 Eurojumper models need 1 operator and the 4in1 Eurojumper models 2. FunCity can be operated with anywhere from 1 to 4 operators depending on the set-up and the number of customers.

Is there a weight and age limit ?

– The maximum weight is 85 kg
– The minimum age is 3 years

We deliver worldwide

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